We are asking all politicians to guarantee TAFE’s future by supporting a minimum two-thirds or 70% share of governments’ vocational education funding to go to TAFE institutes. Has your local MP signed our guarantee? Have a look at the gallery below. If your MP hasn’t signed yet, help us to secure their support!

How to get involved

Check our gallery below and see if your local MP (state or federal) has signed our guarantee. If they haven’t, you can download the guarantee poster and organise a meeting with your MP and ask them to sign the guarantee.

Make sure to take a photo of them with the guarantee, and upload it to the gallery.


If you would like us to send you a poster in the mail, please fill in your details below. We’ll also include our activist kit, and a Stop TAFE Cuts badge!

Photo uploader

Thank you for getting your local MP to sign our guarantee!

Let us know your name, email and the MP’s name below and attach the photo of the MP with the signed guarantee, then hit submit.

Your name and email are just for our records and won’t be published on our website.

Politicians who support guaranteed funding for TAFE